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Receive my instruction in preference to silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold. (For Wisdom is better than corals, and no choice possessions can compare with her.) "I, Wisdom, dwell with experience, and judicious knowledge I attain."


Proverbs 8: 10-12


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Many of the site descriptions (and validation of the sites) come from Catholic Culture (


Reading and Study - is the successor site to the Catholic Information Center on the Internet. On this site you can find access to a wide variety of resources including leading Catholic magazines and newspapers, papal encyclicals, Church documents, and helpful devotional services, all in a smartly-designed and easy to use format. Every day new content is added, including Catholic news from around the world, articles, documents, interviews, papers, testimonials, prayers, merchandise, and web sites. This site is a great resource that on the whole lives up to its claim that it presents only Catholic material.

Catholic Answers - Catholic Answers is the largest Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization in North America. Their site is among the best and most comprehensive of the Catholics sites on the internet. It features a large library of online answer tracts, personal and insightful newsletters, a number of their popular booklets, and an audio archive of their popular radio programs "Catholic Answers Live" and "The Doctor is In." This site is well worth frequent and extended visits.

Catholic Culture - Catholic Culture, Trinity Communications Internet presence, is an assembly of resources to help Catholics live the liturgical year in the home.  Of note is an extensive collection of articles and documents (over 5,000), site reviews of Catholic sites (over 700) including the fidelity and usability of the site, the most comprehensive coverage of the Liturgical Year on the Internet, and a searchable Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Exchange - Catholic Exchange is a non-profit charity endeavoring “to evangelize the world via the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church . . . in response to the need for greater catechesis and revival of the lay faithful in a time when materialism and relativism are marginalizing Biblical principles as the basis on which people make moral choices.” This is a very well designed site that is easy and fun to use. The columnists are some of the Church’s most well respected authors. The wide variety of resources makes this site well worth a visit.

Catholic Information Network  - The purpose of this site is Catholic evangelization, accomplished through providing Catholic information in the forms of news briefs, papal addresses and encyclicals, Church documents, and various links. Updated regularly to provide current news and documents, this is an excellent source for information on Catholicism.

Catholic Liturgical Library, The  - The Catholic Liturgical Library features historical and current information about the liturgies of the Latin rite of the Catholic Church. Currently this includes the missal of 1970 (Novus Ordo) and the missal of 1962 (Tridentine). This is a great source for all things related to the Liturgy. Whether you have a question about what is allowed during the Mass, want to read the related Church documents, or would like to find out how to better participate at Mass, you will find what you need here.

Catholic World News - Catholic World News, now part of Catholic Culture, is an independent Catholic news service staffed by lay Catholic journalists, dedicated to providing accurate world news, written from a distinctively Catholic perspective.  With correspondents all around the world, seeks to provide loyal Catholics and other interested readers with all the daily news that affects their Church and their faith.

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia - The New Advent Catholic Supersite is published by a Colorado-based nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide resources for those desiring to know more about the Catholic Faith. The main feature of this great site is an online, indexed, fully searchable version of the Catholic Encyclopedia. However, the resources by no means end there. The site also contains full text versions of many encyclicals and other church documents, a large directory of faithful Catholic links, summaries of each of the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church, dozens of questions excerpted from Catholic Answers' This Rock magazine, and much more. This site is truly one of the best Catholic resources on the web.  

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is an assembly of the hierarchy of the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands who jointly exercise certain pastoral functions on behalf of the Christian faithful of the United States. The purpose of the Conference is "to promote the greater good which the Church offers humankind, especially through forms and programs of the apostolate fittingly adapted to the circumstances of time and place." This site is not only an excellent way to stay current on what is happening in the Church in America, but it also offers a number of very useful general resources on Catholicism as well.

Vatican, The - The Holy See - This is the official Vatican web site. Anything you need to know about the Vatican is on this site and much more. Available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, the site features information on the Ponfiticates of the most recent Popes dating back to Leo XIII. There are separate sections covering the Secretartiat of State, Congregations, Tribunals, Pontifical Councils, Synod of Bishops, Offices, Pontifical Commissions, Swiss Guard, Institutions connected with the Holy See, Labor Office of the Apostolic See, and Pontifical Academics.  There is also a wealth of information on Catholicism in general. This is a comprehensive site worthy of a visit by every Catholic.

Zenit - The World Seen from Rome - ZENIT is an international news agency whose mission is provide objective and professional coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church for a worldwide audience, especially the media. Focal areas are activities of Benedict XVI, life at the Vatican, and interviews with men and women of the Church or other personalities on religious issues. This is a great place to find news that effects the Church as well as a large database of document, audiences, and other resources. 


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Prayer and Spiritual


The Bible - The New American Bible on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's site.  Includes the Preface to the New American Bible, an Introduction to The Pentateuch (the first five chapters of the Bible), as well as introductions to each book.


Daily Readings on United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Site - Find the readings for the day and upcoming days.


Pray The Rosary - Pray the rosary at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.  Includes the appropriate mystery for the day.


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Catholic Community Forum, The - The Catholic Community Forum is dedicated to providing a wide range of services to help Catholics communicate online with other Catholics and the world at large. It achieves this goal through its excellent web site. The site contains features to help Catholics to search the web, build their own website, read Catholic news and documents, chat with each other, shop, and much more. There are large databases of good Catholic links, Catholic quotes, and general Catholic information, including definitions, articles, prayers and more. The site is beautifully designed, well-organized and easy to use making it one of the premier Catholic resources on the net.

Catholic Match - Formerly known as St. Raphael Catholic Singles Network, this excellent site offers single Catholics the opportunity to meet and converse with others for the purpose of discerning vocations to the married life, religious life, or the often forgotten vocation of being single. This Catholic singles site sets itself apart by its emphasis on its members being solidly Catholic. The profile questions are specific, asking whether or not you agree with the Church's teachings (and the site provides a summary of each teaching) on pre-marital sex, contraception, abortion, papal infallibility, the Holy Eucharist, and other crucial issues. Other parts of the profile reflect how often one goes to Mass, which rite they attend, and what Catholic devotions they perform, etc. Such in-depth questioning helps users to better find their true Catholic Match. - The Catholic Pages is an all Catholic web portal and directory. The main resource of the site is the personalizable start page for your browser. This feature allows you to be presented with daily information, such the feast of the day, a meditation, the Mass readings and homily, the Divine Office, and a spiritual reading, each time you open your browser. There is also an excellent directory of Catholic sites. Catholic Pages is a well-rounded Catholic resource providing both Catholic information and resources for spiritual nourishment. It is worth an extended visit.

CatholicSingles.COM - CatholicSingles.COM works "to bring Catholic singles together via the newest and most versatile technology to date." The site is well-designed and has many nice features. However, it is disappointing that the site doesn't emphasize the "Catholicity" of a person. In fact, the only questions in the profile in regard to Catholicism are "Free to marry in the Church?" and "How often do you attend Mass?". Not only will this make it harder to narrow down a potential match, but the site misses a good the opportunity to evangelize and catechize those who don't know the basic teachings of family and marriage.

EWTN - This is the home page of Mother Angelica's ministry on the Internet.  The site contains extensive information about EWTN's television programs and scheduling, but there is also much more. Some of its best features include up to date Catholic news, a great question and answer section, and a library of Church documents. This is a mega-site for Catholics, with a multitude of information all in one place.

Internet Padre: A Roman Catholic Resource on the World Wide Web, The - This Roman Catholic resource on the world wide web offers a directory of links to some of the most valuable Catholic resources on the web. Of special note is an excellent Student Resources page. This section provides links arranged according to the curriculum for secondary schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It has a number of applications, and will be especially useful to home schooling families. Most importantly, the webmaster of this site is a priest who is most concerned with fidelity to the Magisterium.

Mass Times at Catholic Churches in the United States - Going out of town and won't be back in time to attend Mass at St. Mary?  No problem.  This link provides Mass times, phone numbers, addresses, maps, and even the language of the Mass for churches in the United States and around the world. 


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